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  • One Time Ticket

    Valid for one month
    • Your entry to win prizes
    • Your guests' entries to win prizes
    • Planned for you event, just invite your prospects!
    • *All ticket money goes towards prizes


  • September 27th-30th

  • October 25th-28th

  • November 25th-28th (Black Friday-Cyber Monday)

  • December 26th-29th

  • January 28th-31st

  • February 25th-28th

  • March 28th-31st

  • April 27th-30th

Dates are subject to change pending leader availability, company events and strategic reasoning. The goal is to always host it close to the end of the month to help you close out strong!


We will host an online event each month for you to invite your potential customers and partners to! Each month will have a different theme, depending on holidays, promotions and what we have going on at BELLAME. During each event, there will be prizes given away to guests for attending the event. All rules for entering to win will be posted before each event, as we will switch up how we do prizes to keep things interesting! ​


So we can give away awesome prizes! Prizes are selected based on how many tickets were purchased for the event. For example, if $1,000 in tickets were purchased for any given month, we would give away $1,000 in prizes. You purchasing a ticket not only enters you to win the prize, but ANY guest (non partner) you invite to the event. That's why we always make a post asking who invited each person to the event, and we also ask it at the time of prize redemption. For example, if you invite your customer Sally Johnson and she wins, she will put your name down as who invited her. We'll search your name to confirm you purchased a ticket and when we see that you did, she wins the prize! Sally did not have to purchase a ticket as she is not a partner. Another example would be if YOU won the prize, we would check and make sure you, as a partner, purchased a ticket. We have found this is the most fair way to run our event giveaways! 

What is the difference between the $5 and $10 tickets?

Nothing! We are just giving you a $5 discount for committing to monthly events, which helps us plan prizes and budget in advance! You can purchase a $10 ticket for one month to try it out then sign up for the subscription if you'd like. 


YES! You can cancel by visiting your subscriptions page on this website, or emailing (please allow 72 hours for a response). No refunds will be given.

Where will the event be hosted?

The event will always be hosted on this page, unless otherwise noted. One month we may decide to do a webinar or Zoom event, but we plan to keep it as simple as possible. Facebook allows us to change the name of this group every 28 days, so it will change regularly to reflect the upcoming event. 

How do winners redeem their prizes?

After each event, the winners will be posted along with a Google Form for them to enter their shipping information and the name of who invited them. Once confirmed, prizes will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks pending the item's availability and handling time.

Is this a corporate initiative?

No, these events are not connected in any way with BELLAME corporate. They are team/Independent Brand Partner events.

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