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Here’s a snapshot of an Amazon affiliate dashboard.

$88.68 commission on $2,347

When that same amount of retail purchases are placed on your social selling boutique in any given month…

$821.45 commission on $2,347 🤯


When you hit the $3,000 threshold, your commission will be $1,200 🤯🤯

So let’s chat about this…

Those of you sharing your favorite Amazon finds or the other brands that pay 0% commission but free products… YOU are doing exactly what we do!

Those of you recommending your favorite products (cough cough #liquidiv #nordstromsale)… YOU are doing exactly what we do!

What’s unique about this brand is that you do not have to “recruit” ONE person to make this kind of income.

Just want to share products? That’s celebrated here and with the new compensation plan, you can achieve FOUR ranks without enrolling a single person.

So if you’ve been holding back because you don’t think you can (or don’t want to) build a team, this option is for you.

I mean, what could an extra $821 a month do for you?

You share products you love and you earn commission. It’s affiliate influenced social selling and it’s as simple as that! ✨

**Bellame makes no guarantees on income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Commission percentages are based on where you end the month in total sales.

Retail commission structure:
Less than 1,000 = 25%
1,000-1,999 = 30%
2,000-2,999 = 35%
3,000+ = 40%

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